Gnome Password Generator is a GUI based secure password generator. It allows the user to generate a specified number of random passwords of a specified length. The program requires Python version 2.4 or greater, PyGTK version 2.4 or greater, and Gnome-Python for Gnome 2.


March 17, 2008 - Released version 1.6

Rewrote menu functionality to use the new GTK UIManager API.

August 12, 2007 - Released version 1.5

Added a new feature to select different character sets. Added the ability to use urandom if available for more secure password generation. Special thanks to Steve Tyler for these new features and some deprecation fixes.

June 7, 2004 - Released version 1.4

This release changes the default image to a png instead of a svg. Some Gnome 2.6 installations have problems with svg files.

April 5, 2004 - Released version 1.3

This release fixes a problem with the new build system.

April 5, 2004 - Released version 1.2

Special thanks to Dag Wieers for his help switching over to a Makefile system. You can now get RPMs of Gnome Password Generator at his repository.

March 15, 2004 - Released version 1.1

March 8, 2004 - Released version 1.0